Summer travel schedule posted

29 01 2013

My 2013 travel schedule was just released. I posted the schedule to my web site . All west coast tournaments. Since we won the California State Championships and are ranked 4th in the nation, we are invited to participate in Surrey Canada and the Nationals in Clearwater Florida. Because of the finances for many team members, sadly our coach chose to pass on the opportunity.

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Bay Area Rescue Mission tour…

6 01 2013

Yesterday I took a tour of the mission to see how they work with homeless and hungry people of the Bay Area.  It was very eye opening.  There were lots of needy people there and the mission has everything they need to survive and develop skills to become self-sufficient.  They serve over a million meals per year!  I am almost ready to launch my Strikeout Hunger drive, so please be ready to donate.  If I hit my target of $5000, that will serve 2439 meals plus provide other services!

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